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[Research Closed] -- The Breast Milk Baby (Doll) 

Our sincerest thanks to all of you who participated!  The data has been gathered, and Riot.Jane has written the post.  The post goes live tomorrow morning before dawn!

  14 April 2011

The Breast Milk Baby (Doll) 

We're doing research on the opinions of actual parents of female children about a doll that has been introduced to the American market this spring.

Introduced in Europe in 2009 by Spanish toy company Berjuan Toys, the Bebe Gloton (transliterates to Baby Glutton) will be sold as The Breast Milk Baby in the US and the Spanish version is already available at Amazon.

Please watch these three video clips and then the supplementing points below and send back your opinion on the toy?

Now, after watching those clips, use the below as an outline to get you started in telling us your opinion.

  1. Do you approve, disapprove, or are you "meh" regarding the existence of this toy?
  2. If you approve, why? Does the doll promote breastfeeding later in life, age-appropriate gender-normative role play, identification with mother and/or sibling, or other things?
  3. If you disapprove, why? Does the doll promote age-inappropriate role-play and/or focus on procreation, gender-normative programming for later-life activities, sexualize child-care role play in children, or other things?
  4. If you are "Meh," as the parent of a female child, why is it that you have no opinion?

Be sure to tell us how old your daughter/s is/are now and your gender so that we have some context for your comments.  We won't use your full name when we quote you unless you specifically tell us you want us to do that.

We'd like to complete this post within the next couple of days, so please send your opinions to us at as soon as you can!

  11 April 2011