Ode to Rubenesque Women

Het Pelsken
Sir Peter Paul Rubens
Thin is in? I disagree. I've always been an admirer of full-figured women. Thanks to the baroque artist Sir Peter Paul Rubens (example works), we now have the term "Rubenesque" to describe the type of amply-endowed women he painted. Over time, “Rubenesque” has evolved into modern terms such as full-figured or BBW (Big Beautiful Women). History or terminology lessons aside, my admiration (which borders on adoration) of Rubenesque women makes me feel like I am squarely in the minority, thanks to modern advertising. And what stuns me is how people are swayed by models (who look they actually only eat one full meal a week) because of that simple phrase "Thin is in". 

Sine Cerere 1
Sir Peter Paul Rubens
Though I am a male who will be age 50 in 2011, my admiration of full-figured women goes back as long as I can remember. An ample bosom or a full-figured curvaceous body has always set my heart racing far more than any beautiful, thin woman could. Deep down, a Rubenesque woman exudes a warmth and comfort that a firm, athletic (or fit) woman could never offer. Soft, supple hips versus sharp angular ones. A body that is full and inviting compared to a body that is hard and unyielding. Even the term "Rubenesque" sounds softer than the term "Anorexia".

Venus at a Mirror
Sir Peter Paul Rubens

Sine Cerere 2
Sir Peter Paul Rubens
Separate from physical appearance, a main attraction to a woman for me is her attitude and outlook towards other people and life in general. I've noticed over the years that Rubenesque women are more friendly and open than most thin women (i.e. today's "hotties"). I’ve found that thin and incredibly image-conscious women are more concerned with themselves and how others view them than with being quality people. This strikes me as incredibly shallow. Full-figured women are more open and friendly because they know who they are. I tend to gravitate towards friendlier people, and I have found Rubenesque women to friendlier and easier to talk with than the modern hottie.

The Three Graces
Sir Peter Paul Rubens

I'm sure that I could look at statistics and easily point out that the image that modern models portray would probably only represent about 10-15% of the women in the world. Yet due to the media's fixation on glamour and celebrities, this has become the "ideal". If you aren't part of that, you are excluded and can only dream and hope to become that. Well, personally speaking, I'd pick any Rubenesque woman with a sparkling personality, intelligence, and friendly demeanor over some sick figure with a vapid personality and the intelligence of the piece of lettuce that she ate for dinner.

I consider myself lucky to have a full-figured woman in my life that I consider a true friend (she knows who she is and why I do adore her). Her intelligence, outgoing personality, and incredibly curvaceous body makes her worth over 20 supermodels to me.

Thin is NOT in . . . Rubenesque is best! Hey, Robert Frost or Henry Wadsworth Longfellow may roll over in their graves at my doggerel, but maybe they didn't have any Rubenesque beauties in their life?

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