Response Posted for 15-Year-Old "Anonymous"

To the 15-year-old female who asked a question in the comments section of How to Wash Your Vulva - For Real! on 3/21/2011 . . .

Please note that we've addressed your question in a follow-up comment on that post-page.  Your question was very important, and we are not only flattered that you asked us, but also rather concerned that you might not have anyone else of whom you can ask these things.  We are humbled to answer your question to the best of our ability, and we are also overwhelmed with gratitude  to have the opportunity to address it to a greater depth than you might have otherwise had access.

Since you asked your question via anonymous comment (rather than by private e-mail, address on the left navigation bar), we can't be sure you'll see our response on the post-page itself, so we're posting here on the main page to alert you that there's something waiting for you if you happen to check the front page and not the post-page.

Thank you for contributing by asking your question, Anonymous Jane!  Please know that simply by asking your question, you've allowed any other female in your situation know that they are not alone.  
Please do let us know how this works out for you . . . We will think of you always with a bit of worry in our hearts.


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