Unveiling The Jane Project 2.6

Hello, Constant Reader!

We're proud to unveil the latest generation of The Jane Project.  After the last six months of hacking up our template to obtain desired functionality, the post-truncation (i.e. the "Continue >>" links) function was inoperable and our many-layered tinkerings had simply killed the blog's load-time. The logo was ugly, and the template was difficult to read for any length of time. 

Since Blogger finally  released its own widgets that provide the functionality intended by our hacks, we gleefully ditched those hacks in favor of Blogger's tools.  Now we have a modern, easily-read template that we only had to customize with Blogger's integrated tools.  All the functionality works without hack-ups, and the blog loads so much faster !

Do tell us what you think and what you'd like to see! 


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