“Love is an Attacker in the Dark”

One of my work spouses (in this sense I am polygamous) recently made this statement to me openly, in front of other co-workers. He simply walked up to us and said that, without apparent provocation “love is like an attacker in the dark”.

“Tell me more,” I said.

He went on to tell me that, when you’re walking down a dark alley, trying to get from here to there, just going along your merry way . . . BAM! Around the corner it swoops . . . An attacker in the dark . . . A blur of motion and limbs and shock that overtakes you before you can blink, before you can register the occurrence . . . Knocking you down and taking control of you.

“Are you seriously equating romantic love with a high-speed mugging?” I asked.

“Actually, sometimes it’s low-speed. Those are actually worse, because they sneak up on you, and you don’t even realize it happened until afterwards. When it’s high-speed, it’s a surprise. When its low-speed, it’s mysterious,” he answered.

His point, after further clarification . . .

Just as you can neither plan nor be in control of being mugged, you cannot control the state of mind or physical factors that cause you to fall in love. These shall forever remain random, perplexing, surprising, incredible, convicting, unyielding, and exhausting and above all . . .

The never-ending mystery of “Why?”

~Riot.Jane & ronin0470

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  1. This is another reason I highly endorse open carry laws. Pat Banatar warned us that "Love is a battlefield"