In an effort to keep the main page as clean and accessible as possible, we've created various to answer questions about The Jane Project itself, submissions, moderation, administration, etc. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us (See Where Should I Submit Ideas and Feedback for The Jane Project below). Not only will we answer you promptly, we will probably update this page to reflect your question/answer or clarify the item you're asking about.

How Can I Help Promote The Jane Project?

              The Jane Project Badge
We are inordinately pleased every time someone asks this question! First and foremost, tell every single woman you know about The Jane Project! Tell them why it's important, tell them how it affects you, tell them why it has value to you, personally. Personal endorsements are more credible than general good comments.

Please, use the TJP Badge on your own blog or website.  Simply right-click-Save-As the graphic, download it, upload it to your own site, and link it to the main page. If you prefer, here's the embed HTML:

<a href="http://janeproject.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"> <img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-sVLUqn5ej7I/TZXY5NN5g5I/AAAAAAAAASs/MtC5n2TfCco/s1600/TJPBadge.gif" width="" height="" border="0" alt="The Jane Project" /></a>
(link to come!) We have developed letter-sized PDF promotional materials that can be downloaded and printed. We have business cards and tear-offs (right-click, "Save As"). Just cut the business cards apart and then hand them out or leave them in stacks on literature tables where women congregate. The tear-offs are two-per-page. Just cut them apart, fringe the end with the URL tear-offs, and pin them to bulletin boards or paste them to walls where women will see them. NOTE: We’re working on producing newer versions, but feel free to use the older ones for now. We will post when the newer versions are available.

Please, be responsible if you choose to help promote TJP. When leaving/posting these promotional items, obtain permission if appropriate and honor requests to not leave them.

Are There Recent Technical Changes to The Jane Project?

03/27/2011 -- Another six months of hacking up our template to obtain desired functionality left the post-truncation function inoperable as well as killing the blog's load-time. The logo was ugly, and the template was difficult to read for any length of time.  Since Blogger has now released its own widget functionality to replace our hacks, we gleefully ditched those hacks in favor of Blogger's tools.  Now we have a modern, easily-readable template that we only had to customize with Blogger's built-in tools.  All the functionality works without hack-ups!  

08/10/2010 -- We gave up on “perfect” and went with “good,” choosing a new template that is easier to read and has built-in functionality that we don’t have to hack up.

08/03/2010 -- We rebooted after a roughly six-month hiatus, changed the template, and broke a few things.

06/11/09 -- In response to feedback we've received, we've changed the color scheme, created a new masthead graphic, and updated this FAQ to clarify anonymous and pseudo-anonymous submissions and anonymous commenting. Please let us know if there are any questions regarding the FAQ or its updates. Also, we're still looking for someone to assist with the javascript read-more bug, so please connect us with anyone you think can help!

06/06/09 -- We've cleaned the front page by creating this F.A.Q., and we've instituted the "Read More" feature that truncates each post on the front page and adds a "Read More" link. We're still having a bit of trouble with that feature, though: Every other time the main page loads, the posts aren't truncated. We're still trying to chase this bug down, and if you know of anyone versant in javascript who might like to help, please refer us.

06/04/09 -- The "View Our Stats" link at the bottom of every page now opens in a new window/tab (dependent upon your browser settings). Though we generally dislike this feature in other websites, we really didn't like idle statistic curiosity leading readers off of the blog.

06/01/09 -- To more elegantly provide submission/contact anonymity, we've instituted an as-anonymous-as-you-want-it submission/contact web form. To avoid spammers, we've obscured the mailto: link. Though these are both javascript solutions, we've included alternatives readable by browsers without javascript enabled. As a result, we've disabled the anonymous Gmail account we'd created and for which we'd published login credentials, and we've removed those credentials from the blog history.

What are Your Feed URLs?

What Technical Resources Did You Use?

Versions 2.5 &amp; 2.6:
Previous Versions:
  • Romantico blog template from OurBlogTemplates
  • Creating a static page in Blogger tutorial from iSimplyBlog
  • Automatic post-truncation script from Bloggerstop
  • [I Tweet, Follow Me] button from Twitbuttons
  • [dis be worthy o'Reddit] button from Reddit
  • [Technorati Favorites] button created at Kalsey.com
  • [Violence Unsilenced] button from Violence Unsilenced
  • [Kirtsy This] button from Kirtsy
  • [Tweet This] button on individual posts from BloggerBuster
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