Very Old and Very Sexy…An Oxymoron?

Hattie RetroAge
There was a time when I would have judged that combination to be not only absurd… but totally repulsive. That’s no longer the case.

What happened to turn that around?

Here goes…

When I was about five years old, my immigrant mother took me to the Steam Baths in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Just a mere pre-schooler, choking in the heat, I peered up with disgust at what I perceived to be “fat, old ladies”. Then and there I decided if that’s what being a lady looks like, I’ll never grow up.

Fast forward to when I did grow up and began to feel revolted at my own body.

I realized that there was no way I could avoid becoming a woman, but I could certainly be thin and beautiful if I worked at it.

And I sure as Hell worked at it!

What followed was a magnificent bonus to my childhood dream to become a stunning woman. With the passage of years I became sexier and sexier. Of course, like most of society believes, I bought in to idea that aging would make me lose my beauty and that I’d ever again be desirable and desired.

That didn’t happen!

When I was 73, still gorgeous and fit, I received a call from a casting agency asking me to come in to pose for shoot for a Dolce & Gabbana ad wearing a bathing suit. I tucked a skin tight gold suit into my bag, hurried downtown… and VOILA… I was chosen to model for the ad.

A few months later, I appeared in VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, W and Vanity Fair, sitting next to a 20 something hunk. Steven Kein, Madonna’s prime photographer had instructed the young model to hold my hand and look at me adoringly, which he did.

Enter the 74 year young Cougar!

From that point on I was touted as the Quintessential Cougar and starred in the Learning Channel’s series, “Strange Sex – Cougars and Cubs.” Since last summer, it’s been shown internationally about twice a month in countries from Russia to Peru!

These days, I get offers from young men all over the world proclaiming their desire for older women. But, what’s so thrilling for me about this is not that I’m getting international propositions. It’s that young men are finally revealing their formerly hidden and even ‘shameful’ desire for much older women. And what’s more, older women are finally getting the respect (and sex) that they desire… and deserve!

Very old and very sexy?

You bet!

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