PC Air Adds Kathoey to Cabin Crews

I've been fascinated for years by the societal phenomenon of the kathoey (or ladyboy) of Thailand.  The kathoey are men who live as women within their own society.

The kathoey generally pass very well (as snapshots show) partially due to the diminutive size of many Thai males, partially due to inexpensive sexual-reassignment surgery, and partially because of sheer determination.

Generally kathoey are more highly visible within their own society and find it easier to obtain and retain employment than their Western counterparts.  While usually treated well within their society, many individual Thai accept the kathoey grudgingly or don't accept them at all.  With that in mind, it's interesting to see that new Thai airline PC Air has recruited four kathoey to serve as cabin crew.  

The progressiveness of this decision makes me all warm and fuzzy, but the make-up application training class does not.  With 13 visible (or partially-visible) students in the picture of the class, it's not just the kathoey who are being instructed.

Even in Thai culture, femininity is tied to painting one's face.


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