Introducing "Current Research!" Page!

Hello, Janes & Joes!

We often try to gather data, input, and opinions from others while writing posts.  In an effort to reach more people than just our e-mail contact list, we've introduced a new page to TJP.  

On "Current Research!", you'll find information on what we're currently seeking for posts-in-development.  When a new post idea is being developed, we'll place information on what we're seeking on that page, and when a post is completed or an idea scrapped, we'll remove that info from the page.  We'll probably also post on the main page when we are looking for something on the "Current Research!" page, just as a head's up to you, Dear Reader.

We're currently seeking input on a post about the breast-feeding doll, so check out the "Current Research!" page and participate if you can!


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