QOTD: The Internet Breeds Entitlement

Today's quotation:
The Web is truly customizable: You can listen to radios that play only your preferred tunes and read newspapers that cover only your favorite subjects. "We're used to having our tastes perfectly matched, whcih leads to entitlement," [Elias] Aboujaoude [author of Virtually You] says. If we don't experience novel things or sit through experiences we don't enjoy, we'll become a nation of spoiled, sheletered brats.

Bartz, Andrea. "The E-Ego." Psychology Today. Jun 2011: 25. Print
I've been saying this for years, but I've called it the "Info Bubble of Preference." In my mind, the information bubble that we surround ourselves with is like the SEP field, only powered by the neverending supply of human cognitive dissonance rather than a flashlight battery.


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