Reason #9 I Love My Bestie

Conversation had this past Thursday afternoon whilst planning the lunch where she would meet my boyfriend for the first time . . .

ME: Okay, I have to ask you this because you're the only woman I could ever ask this of.
HER: Okkkkaaaaayyyyyyy.
ME: You have to not wear one of your plunging necklines.
HER: Ummmmmmm, what?  Oh.  Okay.  Sure.
ME: Great, you're awesome, thanks!
HER: Ummmmmmm, why?
ME: My boyfriend's a total perv!  And I want him staring at my chest, not yours.

HER: Laughter
ME: See, if he stares at yours, which he is going to do, then I'll just end up pissed at both of you for no go reason. I don't want to deal with that.  So you have to do this.
HER: Okay, but you know I have no head for how much cleavage I'm showing. You'll have to double-check me. Laughter.
ME: You're the best! Laughter.


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  1. I believe Dr. Phil would say.." Here is a case where you are only thinking of yourself, what oh your partners needs and wants ? "