InfoGraphic: Evolution of the Lady Action Hero

Stumbled upon while wandering the wilds of the WWW . . .

Evolution of the Female Action Hero

While I will be forever torn between Ripley and Trinity as my favorite, I'd like to find out about your favorites and discuss who was skipped.


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  1. Forgive me, I'm catching up on posts today...
    I HATE HATE HATE the Nikita ads! They all seem to be her crouching in an itty-bitty skirt with the camera aimed at her left hip the whole time. I keep wanting to hand her a pillow and some underwear before she Sharon Stone's me on network TV. I would literally rather she wore more or less clothing, because she's not sexy, she's just a faux pas waiting to happen. Anne Parillaud and Peta Wilson were so much more graceful - I even preferred Bridget Fonda in the American remake, Point of No Return.
    Also, you know I'm a Whedon freak, so I'm of course I'm going to harp on the exclusion of the other Slayers in that blurb. Also his turning of non-combatants like Willow and Cordelia into effective and powerful heroes on their own. Oops - also forgot River Tam and Zoe Washburn from Serenity/Firefly, Fred/Illyria and Cordelia (again) in Angel.
    Ok - harping over.