My Adoption Experience

Joan M Bunney
Giving up my newborn  baby boy for adoption  in 1967 was the single most impacting event of my life. As unwed mothers in that era, we wore the proverbial scarlet letter on our sleeves. We were marked, judged harshly by everyone -- society, our family, even some of our friends.

For a period of 32 years until my son and I were reunited, every imaginable lesson,  positive and negative,  made me who I am today.  I wrestled with weight gains, depression, and most of all a devastating guilt for what I'd done.

Last year, at 64, I wrote a book to bare my soul and share what I've learned and applied with other women. Shattering the dogma and changing perceptions is my passion.  As women we share a common bond and the time has come for us to step into our magnificence . Life is just beginning at 65. Oh Joy!

~Joan M Bunney
  Sexy in Your 60s

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  1. You, Ma'am, are an inspriration. I haven't had the experience of giving my children for adoption, but I have known the bitter defeat of having them taken from me and given to another to be the mother I could have been. Life begins anew, I have them again like you have your son. We learn and grow and if we're lucky, we get another chance.