About My Shoes . . .

I kissed you three years ago Audrey. In a hot, dark club in Dallas when the last call was feverishly drinking in my money at the bar.

I miss you Audrey.

By the way, I want my Chucks* back.

*Definition of "Chucks"


  1. This reminded me so much of a pair of combat boots I pine for. So many years later.

    Oh combat boots, wherefor art thou?

  2. OMG, ten years ago, when I was more impressionable and gave a crap about what my friends thought, I let them harass and embarrass me over a pair of Pepto-pink low-top Converse sneakers.

    I dearly loved those shoes, but I threw them away because I let bullies shame me to the point I couldn't put them back on.

    I mourn the loss of those shoes, and I've never forgiven my friends for it.