Note from the Admins

We're extremely proud to be a part of this fledgling operation. A safe place, where women of all ages can collaborate, discuss, commiserate, vent, brag, laugh, cry, support, and simply think! The power of TJP comes from you, dear reader. Your outstretched hands, your extended hearts, your thoughtful dialogue and sharing ways.

We've incorporated a few changes today -- "Tweet This" buttons on each individual post page, a variable share button for each post visible on the main page, and a hit counter. We hope you like the updates; we hope they're valuable.

Note that clicking on the title of an individual post shows the conversation in-line. We think it's an easier way to read a conversation than in the pop-up variant. You'll also see that when viewing an individual post page, the "Tweet This" button becomes visible. Very cool!

Please consider submitting and participating in the active conversations on previous posts. TJP is a worthy project because of your participation, and its value lies in you expressing yourself in a completely safe environment.

So submit and comment, ladies, until your fingers fall off! :-)

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