Comments We've Received about TJP

We are pleased to be able to share just a few of the comments we've received on The Jane Project:

  • This gem came, unbidden, from a woman of very few words: "I've seen the site. It's good. Very good." From her, that sentence is effectively a dissertation!
  • "I looked at the site. It's really good. I wouldn't change a thing!"
  • This, via e-mail: "Dr. Janet Rose (drjanetrose) is now following your updates on Twitter."
  • "I feel that TJP is valuable learning tool. I have begun taking topics and letters from the Project and using them to broach topics with my patients in group therapy sessions.I hope you will continue to do what you all are doing. We could all learn so much from one another."
  • "Just wanted to let you know I am totally in love wtih the Jane Project. I'm passing the word on to as many gf's I see. G'luck with it because it's a very helpful and insightful site."
  • "I have become hoplessly addicted to this site!"

Remember, this is your forum. Read. Comment. Submit. This is your safe place to support one another and let yourself be heard!

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