I came from the womb.
I was attached by chord to her

Later I found pen and paper, thoughts and spirit within
Is it all for a quest back to her, my mother within?
Can I defeat any foe the world has deemed
Is a threat to me, the paternal it seems…

Maternal body and Paternal body
From these I spawned?

Am I Maternal body, a historical discourse
in an ongoing battle
with Paternal Law- the semiotic as well?

Not needed, was a linkage between womb and me to create my art.
Babies are a creation of actions between two people, sometimes fueled by real thought.

Babies and art, art and babies
Who cares if they have rabies.
Yes, rabies, a disease.
A disease between maternal and paternal and what each means…

I heard a professor once say,
the limits of my language are the limits of my world…
So enough with this debate, get out of my way…

If sex has spawned the meaning of structure and desire,
I take my leave and walk
with Rilke and Shakespeare
as Orpheus guides us like Virgil,
back to Prometheus and his warm fire.

~Olga Cisneros

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