You Need to Behave!

Greetings to the Ladies Jane!

I am currently reading Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women by Elizabeth Wurtzel, and the below passage stopped me cold:

All my life, one person or another has been telling me to behave, saying don’t let a guy know you’re a depressed maniac on the first date, don’t just be yourself, don’t show your feelings. And the truth is, this is probably good advice, men probably don’t like overbearing, hotheaded women who give blow jobs on the first date. In all likelihood the only man who will ever like me just as I am will probably need to believe I’m somebody else at first. I probably do need to learn to behave. But I don’t like it.

Good Lord!  Either this woman was a fly on the wall during the entirety of my 20s, or I actually have something in common with a writer this hot!  

Who knew?


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