In Celebration of Nerdy Girls who Love Sci-Fi

I squealed with joy several times while watching this lovely geek rock video for the first time! 

Even though I'm fully versed in the nerdy-girl "type" (hell, to one extent or another *I* am a she-nerd), never did I think that I would ever come across a geek rock video celebrating the second-nerdiest of all interests: Ray Bradbury.  (The First Place of nerdy pursuits must, by all accounts, be role-playing games, in which I am also fairly well versed.)

So, to celebrate the man's 90th birthday (August 22, 1920), I'm sharing this lovely Andrea James tribute to Ray Bradbury (NSFW: language) . . . F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury

(You know, "the greatest sci-fi writer in history"?)

Even though I don't consider Bradbury to be "the greatest sci-fi writer in history," he did write one of my five favorite books of all time (that being Fahrenheit 451), so the man does invoke mondo props from me even if I think Arthur C. Clarke possesses more writing skill or I prefer Kurt Vonnegut's actual stories.

About the video, I can't decide which amuses me more: the unabashed expression of James' combined she-nerdiness/sexuality, or the parody of traditional cock rock.  Whichever appeals to me most, the fact of the matter is that she's reclaiming traditionally male provinces and making them her own.  By doing so, she's helping to liberate us all. 

Additionally, the video is a delicous and refreshing whif of fandom at its very best. What's not to love for a nerdy-girl like me?



  1. I'm not sure it actually matters, but I think Andrea James is a transexual. Two of her websites (linked from are about transexual "supplies" and the transexual change itself.

  2. Well, if true, that's even better! LOL