Urban Outfitters Sells Pro-Anorexia T-Shirt

Urban Outfitters T-Shirt
Even I was surprised at the intensity of my reaction to the Urban Outfitters "Eat Less" t-shirt. 

Just seeing it nauseates me, and I'm the girl with a collection of intentionally-offensive t-shirts. 

I saw the shirt and this write-up two months ago, and it still makes me insensible to the point that I can't even coherently write about it.

Regardless of what Urban Outfitters says about this product or the public reaction to it, the fact that the filename includes the word "anoreixic" indicates someone, somewhere in their organization understood the message. The photographer certainly did -- Yet another listless, starving model in clothes that make her look even younger and sicker than she probably is.

I've dug around, and I can't find a response from Urban Outfitters even at this late date.  All I can find is that they've pulled the shirt from their online store but not from their stores.

Since I'm beginning to Taz out again just thinking about it, I'll just share it with you, hoping to provoke conversation.

Am I just hyper-sensitive, or is this thing really as sick as I think it is?


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