Administration Note

Several items of note have recently occured that you should know about:

  1. One of the partner admins MellissaY has unexpectedly become unavailable as of Saturday, June 13. Because there's no current ETA for her return, all maintenance, changes, posts, comment moderation, and submission editing for the short term will be handled by the other admin. Please bear with us during this time if posts, responses, or moderation is slow.

  2. As a result of MellissaY's temporary absense, any submissions that have been sent to her personal e-mail account are inaccessible until her return. There are no outstanding submissions in the TJP mailbox (pointed to from the links in the left nav bar). If you've submitted something to MellissaY's personal e-mail account, please re-send to the TJP mailbox so that it can be accessed/reviewed/posted.

  3. Something has gone wrong with the TJP account at our file hosting service As a result, our promotional materials and the post truncation javascript are currently unavailable. We have notified Boxstr of the issue and are awaiting their response. Again, please bear with us during the outage. If you'd like to download the promotional materials during this outage, just e-mail TJP asking for the promotional materials and you'll receive them by e-mail.

  4. Arrangements have been made for written interviews with a US-living couple from Cameroon in which they will tell us about the differences between the two cultures, including their views on marriage (polygamy is optional there), the female function within society, and other topics of likely interest to the TJP community. Please comment with any questions or topics that you would like to see included in the interview, as the questions have not been decided upon yet.

  5. We've decided to include a podcasting feature as part of the site's re-design. For those Janes that need an audio version to listen to while working or commuting, our plans include both streaming and download options. We'll make an announcement when this feature goes live.

  6. A possible audio interview with an American Muslim woman who covers by her own choice is also in the works. Please comment with any questions or topics that you would like to see included in this interview as well, as the questions have not been decided upon yet.
We are extremely proud to be providing this service to you, the Janes. We sincerely hope that by sharing our views and experiences and thereby exposing all of us to that which is both the same and different from us that we can learn to understand, bond with, and accept one another as women. TJP is a place to share, discuss, vent, and ask for and receive opinions. We hope that you've learned as much as we have during our short time, and we look forward to continuing with TJP.

Sharing in your experiences, your thoughts, your battles, and your successes is what makes TJP great. Remember that the Comments feature is still available on all previous posts, so if you're new to TJP, feel free to read and comment on previous items. The power of The Jane Project does lay in each of your hands -- Keep thinking, keep writing, and keep submitting!


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