My Childhood God

Riot.Jane has shared this piece of touching artwork she created:

As with any submitted artwork, click the picture to see the full-sized version.

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  1. I am sure you're better for it, Riot. My childhood God was the Catholic version, and he was revealed as a figment to me in what remains the most painful catharsis of my life. And that experience happened when I was about 15.

    I begrudgingly replaced "Him" with belief in myself, and for that I am no longer lonely, even when alone, because _I_ am in charge of my life. I have not surrendered myself to the whims of some allegedly-personal entity who has been at times belittling, jealous, capricious, bloodthirsty, and/or vindictive. (I have an ex-fiance' for that.)

    You are better off because you have been set free. Oprah would say that you have been "unleashed."
    May I suggest that your /problem/ is not with the loss of deific innocence or peace. I would bet that you're just a little lonely...