Hope of Better Days

I have hope of better days to come,
I know I can cope, I know I am not dumb.
To demeaning, demanding men, I refuse to succumb.
I have faith in myself and in God.
I have a plan to recreate who I am.
What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.
I conceive of myself as a being of love and light.
I have the power to say no when it is wrong, and to say yes when it is right.
I stand on my own two feet, All the odds to defeat.
As all my demons retreat, The victory will be sweet.
Our camaraderie of knowing the rawness of life,
Unites us as one, to overcome our lives’ strife.
We have been beaten down and have made bad choices.
At Veronica’s Voice we create victorious voices.

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