Man Has His Own Wife Raped

Sad Greetings to the Ladies Jane --

If the various news reports I've read are accurate, a 25-year-old North Carolina man arranged, via a popular online classified site, for a complete stranger to have sex with his wife using "scare tactics." Since the wife was ignorant of and therefore not complicit with the plan, rape is the only possible word for this event.

The concept bears repeating: A man had someone else rape his own wife.

Now, while you're trying to wrap your mind around that concept, here are details from various news reports (linked below):
  • The woman awoke from sleep, in bed with her husband, at 2:45 AM to see a black male stranger standing at the foot of the bed with a knife.

  • The stranger raped her.

  • The husband didn't try to interfere with the sexual assault, and he didn't try to comfort her afterward.

  • The victim (not the husband) called 911 after the assault.

  • The victim was forensically examined, medically treated, interviewed, and released from the hospital due to no significant physical injury.

  • Police could find no sign of forced entry into the couple's home.

  • The husband's statement contained specific inconsistencies, and he's being held on $200,000 bond on various charges: first-degree rape, first-degree sexual offense, and attempted first-degree sexual offense. He waived the appointment of a public defender at his first hearing.

  • Police confiscated the husband's computer and have obtained the assistance of the US Secret Service in gathering forensic computer evidence.

  • The couple's two children were home (but presumably asleep) and not aware of the sexual assault.

  • The victim told a reporter that she is receiving help and support from family members, that the details of the assault are too painful to discuss, but that she didn't know about the plan. Police have indicated that they firmly believe her.

  • The police have located the assaulter. He is a veteran who was convicted of indecent exposure in Virginia last March.

  • Police are not yet sure whether or not the husband paid the assaulter for the assault, or if the assaulter even knew the victim was non-complicit. Police believe the assaulter may have simply believed he was fulfilling a consensual fantasy.

I hereby volunteer to have Karma's flow skip over the next three good things that are supposed to happen to me so that there's plenty of Karma available to give this piece of human garbage exactly what he deserves.

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  1. These are the things that leave us speechless. The trust that was defiled here is immeasurable. We hope against hope that this young woman has a strong support system to get her through these troubles times ahead.

  2. this is so........really there are no words!

  3. This story just makes me so sad for this woman. The betrayal she must be feeling and the pain. These are the things that make me feel helpless. Thinking on this young woman and wishing there were even some small thing I could do.

  4. Though I agree with the AP's policy of not disclosing the name of sexual assault victims, I wish there was a way for us to get a link to this site to the victim. If anyone needs a place to anonymously "open up," it's her.