Site Redesign

We have hired the very talented Ruby and Roja to redesign and overhaul our beloved Jane Project. This is very exciting stuff! We would love to hear from you. Tell us what you would like see, wouldn't like to see and anything else you think we should know.

We read everything we get from you, so please, drop us a line and tell us what you think!


  1. Can I just say that I am SO excited about this?!

  2. I would really love to see a badge that we could use for our blogs or attach to email to spread the word. Maybe stickers and flyers to pass around?
    I love TJP but might I suggest for the redesign that you consider lightening up the color scheme and perhaps adding a stylized element? I read every day but sometimes find the page to be oppressive in feeling because of the colors and lack of any other design elements. It's such a wonderful concept and could do so much, thank you girls for providing such an amazing space for us!

  3. Make it less cumbersome to be anonymous - what if I don't belong to google or whatnot?

  4. to coin another's phrase get rid of the "slit your wrists" theme and lighten it up! Take out the religion section and name one named faith....Love the site though and the writings. Glad you are here.

  5. THANK YOU for your input! We have renamed the "religion" tag. It is now "spirituality". We hope that this is more acceptable.

    As for the color scheme, it's totally on our list. We completely agree that the theme is too dark and actually just touched on that this weekend. The colors will most definately change in the redesign.

    Any further suggestions on changes are welcome and wanted!

  6. Thank all of you SOOOOOO much for telling us what you like, and what you don't. We've been keeping a list of re-design points, and your comments are among them.

    We'll hopefully be changing the color scheme before re-design since it's apparently bringing some of you down.

    Also, we'll be updating the FAQ shortly to clarify anonymous submssions because there have been a few comments/questions (in this thread and in e-mails to us) about that.

    Please, keep the comments/feedback on the site and on how we do things coming!

  7. More from an Admin on your comments:

    Stickers & Fliers: We already have business card-sized hand-outs and tear-off signs available in the FAQ under "How Can I Help Promote The Jane Project?"

    We're waiting until the redesign is completed to create new promotional materials.

    Colors: We are currently working on a new masthead graphic and will, once the masthead is completed, change the color scheme as a stop-gap until the redesign.

    Anonymous: We've updated the FAQ to clarify the ease of anonymity.

  8. Colors: By popular demand, we changed the color scheme and created a matching masthead graphic yesterday as a stop-gap until the official re-design.

    The Jane feedback we've received on the new colors: "If the old was slit-your-wrists, this is valium-ized." We know there's no pleasing everybody, but we count ourselves lucky if the worst thing we hear about this interim design is "boring" -- At least we aren't bringing anyone down.

    TJP Badge: Creating a badge for sharing TJP is indeed on the re-design list.

    We really appreciate your feedback, both good and bad! Please continue telling us about things you'd like to see new, see differently, or see removed.