How it all Began Back in 1989

Scared sick before beginning…way back in the beginning,
Fearful of a sexual appearing.
One week later, my career just beginning.
The young, muscle bound, man named Lori, appearing
As I massaged his riveting back
A squirming and aheaving appearing.
Oh my gosh, in his huffing and humping , the come appearing.
A week later, the man reappearing.
Lori again arearing.
I wanting to avoid leering
I tell him, “This must stop. I’m a fearing.”
Pointing at the clock he declares, “You owe me 15 minutes more.”
Naive and stupid, not seeking the door,
I’m shaken to the core
As I watch him shake his jake and ejaculate to his core.
In a shock and a daze,
I stumble to the john in a haze.
A release of pee and come go down the john.
The seed planted of times to come.

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