Why One Jane Finds Value in TJP

I'm stealing a couple of minutes from work to send this quick 'Thank you!' but I have to say I feel it's completely worth it! 'Janes', you have devised an ingenius site here!

Finally, a place where women can talk and share with other women without having to 'secretly' worry about the scorn, hatred, and those 'strange' looks that can be given to a woman by other women! We need to learn from each other, and perhaps we do, but only about certain things. We try to teach our children (our daughters especially) about the whole 'share, be kind, don't be jealous, respect your body / respect yourself' gig, but then we silently (and not always so silently) rip each other apart over one thing or another.

On this site, we can all come together to discuss, debate, argue, or whatever, but address anything that ails us or brings us joy without all of the social stigmas that confront us when dealing with each other face to face! I love it!

I will share this site with a few choice girlfriends that I believe would share my idea about this site. Additionally, I will start to submit topics very soon!

Well, that's all the time I have for now...

Beautiful idea ladies and I love the name!

Take care of each other!

~Dark Angel ;)

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  1. We greatly appreciate your taking the time to visit TJP, to read, to understand. We would appreciate any info on how participating in TJP has on your problems/attitude/outook/life/emotional state, etc.

    Follow-up e-mails/submissions on how TJP benefits you or others would be valuable to us because we constantly consider ways to improve TJP's value to you, the Janes.

    This is a public service project, and the more value we find out we add, the better. We're human, too, and affirmation keeps us focused and working on it, just like anyone else.

    Thank you for your comments, and we look forward to hearing more from you!